Instagram is quite simply just plain fun. I love to see what other people post. And, while I do enjoy the cat and dog photos, it's the passion for photography that others show in their feeds that draws me in and inspires me. Oddly enough, I prefer these photos on the phone or as small prints... for some reason I don't want to see them big. (But, I realize others do like the big view, so click to enlarge to your heart's content.)  Below are some of my favorite IG posts. 

On Detroit

So many people think of Detroit as ugly and broken, but there is so much beauty. I like to make posts that reflect the diversity of Detroit.  My street looks like a fall scene from yesteryear until you notice the car in the background, in another shot it looks like I am on vacation in Southern California, but no, it's the beach on Belle Isle in Detroit.

Warmth #detroit style #iphoneography #iphoneonly #iphone #detroitpride

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Photographing doesn't come easy as an editor

As an editor, I don't really get out that much. I have to make the most of where I am -- in the office and running about in my daily life. This first shot is from the office, at least our corporate offices at Gannett. The second, our parking garage. How exciting is that?

The view from my new parking space. The bird was leaving to make room for me. #freepmoved @detroitfreepress

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One of the coolest things ( that's not journalism) that we do at the Detroit Free Press is host the Detroit marathon. It's like throwing a running party for 27,000 of your closest friends. The spirit is wonderful. Only bad part is getting up early.

Yes, we did get married here on March 29, 2013.